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‘Transfixing Eyes’ Limited Edition Prints


Signed Limited Edition giclée print of a Snow Leopard from my original artwork ‘Transfixing Eyes’. This special print run is strictly limited to 15 only. Printed on 100% cotton fine art etching paper 305 gsm using museum quality colour fast and light resistant ink. This artwork was exhibited at the 16th World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition 2019. Your limited edition print will come with a certificate of authenticity stating the print number and signed by the artist.

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Snow leopards are an endangered species, there are thought to be between 3,920 and 6,390 left in the wild. They are native to the cold and dry mountains of Central Asia and have extra-large paws to allow them to walk on the snow. A non-aggressive species, they have never been known to attack humans but have been hunted by farmers to protect their livestock. Snow leopards cannot roar, they make a puffing noise called a ‘chuff’.

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